Lay It Down LP

Lay It Down LP


Cowboy Junkies

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Side A 
Something More Besides You 
A Common Disaster
Lay It Down
Hold On to Me
Come Calling (His Song)
Just Want to See
Lonely Sinking Feeling
Side B
Angel Mine
Bea’s Song (River Song Trilogy: Part II)
Musical Key
Speaking Confidentially
Come Calling (Her Song)
Now I Know
For the first time EVER, Lay It Down is now available on vinyl. This is a very special album for us. It was the first with our new label Geffen Records and it set us on a trajectory away from the nascent Americana scene and towards something that was, once again, uniquely our own. It also contained our biggest radio hit, A Common Disaster (which was good for the career trajectory). We've teamed up with Real Gone Music and they have done a beautiful job with the re-release. It looks great and more importantly it sounds great. Enjoy.

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