Studio Monk  - Deluxe Edition Pirates Blend LP

Studio Monk - Deluxe Edition Pirates Blend LP


Junia T

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Toronto, ON – Today, Producer/ Musician/ DJ, Junia-T releases ‘Studio Monk (Deluxe Edition)’. The deluxe edition features four new tracks, including the track 'Voltron Joint' that features grammy award winners Iman Omari (Doja Cat, Kaytranda) and Ego Ella May along with the popular singles ‘Sad Face Emojis (feat. Jessie Reyez)’ and ‘Ooowee (Feat. Elijah Dax).’

 "Studio Monk Deluxe is a re-up on the project that taught me how to appreciate the process. We've also bundled the documentary for the new listeners to get a feel of what energies brought the album to life. With new songs featuring Iman Omari & Ego Ella May to name a few, I feel this re-introduction to the sound will be appreciated by music lovers worldwide." 

- Junia-T

Studio Monk Deluxe Track List:

  1. Tommy’s Intro (feat. River Tiber & Sean Leon)
  2. Thinking Over (feat. Benjamin A.D.)
  3. Ooowee (feat. Elijah Dax)
  4. Sad Face Emojis (feat. Jessie Reyez)
  5. Try Me (feat. Nate Husser & STORRY)
  6. Make It (feat. FAIZA)
  7. Home Team (Feat. J.O. Mairs)
  8. Know Better (feat. Miloh Smith, Sean Leon & Julian Thomas)
  9. Complicated (feat. Adam Bomb)
  10. Dream Come True (feat. SUPERDRAMAGO! & FAIZA)
  11. WYAT? (feat. STORRY & Only1KNG)
  12. Puzzles (feat. FAIZA)
  13. Outro / The Mantra
  14. 4AM In Toronto (feat. Miloh Smith)
  15. EstSde (Do What You Please) (feat. Ice Tha One)
  16. So Amazing (feat. Taji Love.)
  17. Voltron Joint (feat. Iman Omari & Ego Ella May)

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