Vendor Portal Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Merch MRKT program the artist representation agrees to the following terms and conditions.

1. MERCH MRKT does not charge a set-up fee for web-stores on the MERCH MRKT platform.

2. Basic Shopify stores are free of monthly charges however, certain functions do come with additional monthly costs. Additional functions can be set up for select periods (i.e. Christmas/Album launch). Administering a custom Shopify license is negotiated on a case-by-case basis at SVS Marketing’s discretion. To establish if any monthly costs on Shopify will be required a subsequent store build meeting will be arranged with SVS and artist’s representative(s).

3. Our agreement to sell your product on MERCH MRKT or through an art Shopify store is non-exclusive however our white label service is (by nature of its function).

4. The term is from the date of our agreement or until either of us choose to terminate.

5. We do require 30 days notice of cancellation and will also give you 30 days notice should we need to close the artist/vendor store.

6. Preparing a store for closing (packing and final inventory) is calculated and billed to the artist/vendor at $40.00 per hour. All shipping costs associated with closing a store and moving inventory out and to a new location is the sole responsibility of the artist/vendor. A pick/pack fee of $40/hour will be charged for pick-packing and/or restocking product when requested by the artist/vendor for an event.

7. MERCH MRKT collects a 20% fee on net sales.

***20% fee is waived on sales of merchandise sourced via SVS Marketing

8. Transaction fees are billed back to the artist (3%).

9. Shipping on sold items is paid by the end customer and selected through our available options. MERCH MRKT ships world-wide.

10. All product pricing and descriptions on the store are set by the artist.

11. Inventory numbers must be approved by MERCH MRKT prior to the store going live.

12. All inventory re-stocking must be approved by MERCH MRKT.

13. MERCH MRKT retains the right to refuse listing certain items within reason (hateful, racist, crude imagery, etc.).

14. MERCH MRKT remits proceeds on a monthly basis.

15. All requests for pricing changes, new product additions, changes or sale/promotions must be sent to a MERCH MRKT. All changes/additions will be made within 2 to 12 business days, with the exception of peak sales months (Oct-Dec) or times otherwise noted by MERCH MRKT in advance.

16. Low volumes warehouse fees if applicable are calculated on amount of pallets or linear feet the store requires in the warehouse. This fee is only applied to stores that are not generating sales in excess of $400.00 a month. This fee range is $50.00 to $80.00 CAD a month. A more accurate estimate of the fee will be given to each store once MERCH MRKT and SVS have an estimate of product to be listed.

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