A Bruise On Light Book

A Bruise On Light Book


Shane Koyczan

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From Shane's successful Kickstarter campaign, the most successful poetry campaign in Kickstarter history, comes Shen's newest collection of poetry, A Bruise On Light.  Thank you to all backers for their contributions and support.

A Letter To Remind Myself Who I Am / For Many / Chorus / Once Upon A Doing Time / Ending The Fast / Dear Icarus Harper / For The Loneliest City Rehearsal / The Heist / Red Lights Making Wishes / Tuesday / The Student / Dignified Man / Heaven Or Whatever / November / Getting In Line / Extension / Insider / The Position / Pinned To The Dish / Weather Warning / Troll / How I Learned To Smile/ Quiet Time / Being This / What You Haven'r Heard / Soundtrack / Proposal / Obedience / Shoulders / Favourite / What I Would Write On Your Body

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